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Real life marriages are a roller coaster of highs and lows and right now you are experiencing the low. The joy and happiness that once filled your marriage has been replaced by pain and misery. Our goal is to help you reverse this trend and achieve your initial dream of a happy, healthy lifelong marriage.

At this point in time you may feel like this is impossible but for many couples it is still possible to pull out of the downward spiral they find their marital relationships in. In fact, according to a report published in the Journal of Marriage and the Family, "approximately five million couples, or 10% of all currently married couples in the United States, have experienced a separation and reconciliation in their marriage".  Another study found that 77% of couples who initially were very unhappy in their marriage, rated themselves 5 years later as very happy in their marriage.

In a minority of cases a divorce is in the best interest of all involved. But that's in the minority of cases and we hope your case is in the majority.

The one thing that needs to change is the unhealthy status of your marital relationship. We want to help you make that happen.

We have developed the following list of resources that are available to help you gain the relationship skills and knowledge to heal your relationship. We also recommend you continue taking refresher courses throughout the rest of your life in order to decrease the chances that you will ever find yourself in this position again.

We highly recommend you become an informed consumer before you sign up for one of these programs. Possible questions you might ask include:

1. What is your experience and training in this program?

2. Is this program based on research and can you supply me with the references for the research articles it is based on?

3. What is the total cost for attending this program and how long does it last?

4. What are the specific relationship skills and knowledge taught in this program?

5. What are your expectations of us as participants?

6. Will any participant ever be asked or expected to share personal experiences in a group setting?

If you have a program for couples that are separated and would like it to be added to this list please send us an email.

If you are a victim of domestic violence we recommend you seek immediate  professional assistance.



Dates and Location

Contact Information

Healthy Marriage Weight Loss Program This online program has been designed to help people attain and maintain a healthy weight, healthy marriage and healthy self. Online Click here to learn more about this program

Healthy Relationship Dating Program

Over 200 ideas of fun dates you can go on and strengthen your relationship at the same time.


No cost

Click here to visit the Healthy Dating Program
The Refugee & Immigrant Marriage & Family Support Services

This is a  collaborative program of Jewish Family & Career Services and 7 refugee-serving agencies providing multicultural and bilingual (15 languages including Farsi, Arabic, French, etc.) Marriage and Parenting education based on the PAIRS model to refugees and immigrants through support groups and referrals, marriage and parenting education and community mentoring. Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Atlanta

For current times and locations of workshops call 770-677-9454 or visit our website by clicking
For more information call 770-677-9454 or click here to send an email.

Visit our website by clicking
Keys to Unlocking the Door to a Healthy and Happy Marriage This pamphlet series teaches basic relationship skills and knowledge that can help a couple form and sustain a healthy marriage.


No cost
Click here to read and print the pamphlets
Retrovaille   Atlanta Reed & Susan Polomsky

Marriage Encounter   Atlanta Marriage Encounter - Atlanta Area

PREP   Atlanta Dr. Gary L. Danielsen


Only serving the U.S. Army
PAIRS   Marietta Penny and Andy Uitti

PREP   Atlanta Johnnathan R. Ward M.Div.

Passionate Intimacy

  Dacula Michael R. Sytsma LPC

PREP   Decatur Chaplain Eric E. Barton


Available in September 2006
PREP   Decatur Chaplain Hardaway Spencer Ellis M. Div.

PREP   Douglasville Chaplain Charles Lynde


Military Personnel Only
PREP   Fort McPherson Chaplain (MAJ) Thomas Eddy

PREP   McDonough Chaplain (LTC) John M Owings

PREP   McDonough Chaplain Robert E. Swalve

PREP   Peachtree City Dr. Kevin Demmitt Ph.D.

PREP   Atlanta Bobby Williams


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